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Areca Palm Leaf

The natural choice

Our Areca Leaf plates, bowls, cups and cutlery are crafted out of Areca Nut Palm Leaf which falls naturally from Areca nut (Betel) tree. The collected Areca leaves are cleaned and soaked in water for a particular time and later sun dried. They are then compressed to different shapes.

  • Eco-friendly
    Biodegradable and Compostable

    100% Biodegradable. An economical disposable alternative for all catering occasions.

  • Organic
    Nontoxic and Chemical free

    100% natural with no chemicals. Storage life of around an year. Strong and sustainable.

  • Heat resistant
    Heat resistant
    Microwavable and Oven Proof

    Resistant to hot and cold. Suitable for the freezer and the microwave. 100% leak proof, resists oil and water.

  • Naturally Stylish
    Naturally Stylish
    Lightweight, Durable & Mindful

    Handy and lightweight but strong enough to be used with cutlery. Suitable for both solid and liquid food.

Bagasse at its best

Plates, bowls and multi compartment meal trays

Paper Products

Vivid Cake Boxes

Printed laminated cake boxes available in multiple regular sizes in attractive designs without inner lining.

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Spoon Fork Knife

Made from Birch wood, 100% natural, biodegradable and sustainable resource. Sizes available in 14 cm and 16 cm.

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We are EcoSmith

We are happy to contribute our bit to the business of Eco-friendly Products. And more than happy, to see the change happening due to our contribution. We are here for a reason i.e to promote Eco-friendly products every season. Delightful Earth Friendly products for the environmentally conscious, that provides an alternate to the harmful disposable plastic. Together we can make an impact to our surroundings, our neighbourhood and leave a better place for the coming generations.

Proud of what we do ?

We want to do our bit to make the world a better place by promoting eco-friendly products from renewable resource to enhance the preservation of mother earth from pollution and landfill.

How do we work ?

EcoSmith’s wide range of eco-friendly products like areca leaf products is produced with sustainable resource and is 100% natural. They are made from naturally discarded areca palm leaves through eco-friendly process. No trees are cut down and no chemicals or additives are used in the process.

Who we are ?

Our goal at EcoSmith is to offer our customers a highly creative and socially responsible alternative to single use plastic. It is by eco-friendly companies like us, partnering with environmentally conscious people like you that can bring about the change we want to see happen in our world.

Why our natural products ?

From a variety of areca leaf plates to cups and cutlery range, our products are biodegradable and compostable. They are microwave/oven and freezer safe, water resistant, can hold liquids both hot and cold. Most importantly, they do not react with food or liquid when used.

Why us ?

We at EcoSmith aim to be a leading eco-friendly product manufacturer of biodegradable, high quality, useful products from natural sustainable raw material for your everyday life.

Coming Soon: Street Food Packaging
Coming Soon: Street Food Packaging

Kraft Food Boxes & Dsiposables

Food Tray Boat with Dip Pocket for Sauce image shown here. Other products in this range include Burger boxes, Pizza boxes, Noodle boxes, Sandwich wedges, Roll boxes and many more.

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Coming Soon: Pizza Boxes
Coming Soon: Pizza Boxes

Pizza boxes in variety of sizes

Plain white as well as in Kraft boxes.Also customization.

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