The goodness of  Disposable Paper Products

Jun 06 , 2020


EcoSmith Ware LLP

The goodness of Disposable Paper Products

When it comes to serving food to consumers on the go, disposable takeaway containers offer a convenient way to present the food both beautifully and hygienically. Opposed to various conventional single-use containers like polystyrene clamshells and plastic takeaway containers made from fossil fuels. After a short life, these disposabale plastic containers usually end up in landfill where they take decades to breakdown!

Our unique offering of eco-friendly takeaway food containers are born out of food grade paper with high quality printing. They are ideal for eateries and outlets for packaging food, home deliveries or takeaways. Sturdy and reliable, they prevent the food from falling or getting damaged. They are available in large, medium and small shapes with attractive graphics.

Our sustainably-sourced paperboard range includes bowls with lidschip cupsboxes and traysnoodle boxeslunch boxes, and sandwich wedges. Recyclable or commercially compostable, these food packaging wonders reduces greenhouse gases, returns nutrients back to the earth and improves soil quality.

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